The Candy Army is a race from a far away planet called Candy World. They are very powerful, and have started to enslave Doomsburg. They are the villains of the 2 part UnderFist mini-stories, issues #15-16.


The first line of attack in the Candy Army is the chocolate candy bars. They look like candy bars, with the top wrappers torn down to their waists. They are armed each with one laser gun. In the army, their are 700 of them.


The second line of attack is the mutated candy bars. They look similar to the frist-line, but don't have a wrapper. Also, their teeth are made of candycorn, they have very sharp claws, and are extremely muscular. there are 100 of them.

C.D.(Candy Division)

The candy division is made up of 2 different candies.The first one is a round chocolate bar with the wrapper torn down to its neck. Its hands are lollipops, with one saying love and one saying hate. The one hand that says love has a heart on it, while the other one has a skull and crossbones. It has one eye, and teeth made of candycorn. The second chocolate bar looks the same, but has a lightning bolt design down the center of its wrapper. Also, its hands have candycorn around the outside.