Chad Scarr

Chad was born on March 8th, 2026. He was born and raised in Doomsburg, Pennsylvania. When he was 6, he discovered his powers. He was playing with his friends, when one of them ticked Chad off. Chad just instantly started lifting the kid up, and threw him. When he snapped out of it, he ran home.


Chad is the son of George Scarr and Laura Brown.



  • can take apart objects
  • uses parts to make new ones

Psych Mode

  • turns into pure psychic energy
  • form looks purple w/ yellow rings around body
  • can shoot destructive beams
  • can turn body into one giant destructive beam
    • beams incinerate everything they come in contact with


  • Coming soon

Alternate versions

Chad's Son

Later on in the series, Chad has a son with his wife, April Smith.