Jeff Spider

Jeff was born on Frebruary 4, 1991. He was born from an egg that was being taken care of by the government. When he was 7, he broke out of the base, and made his way to Doomsburg.


His parents are currently unknown. He was found by the government as an egg. His adoptive parents (the agents who watched over them) are Agents Spitko and Platt.

Through the series

Jeff Spider starts off at the age of 12. Jeff appears in every UnderFist mini-story. As the story progresses, he ages. Jeff turns from 12 to 25, 25 to 38, and 38 to 59.



  • Bite turns people into their species/spider hybrid
    • Makes them grow 2 more eyes
    • Grow 2 more arms
    • Makes them develop muscles
    • Grow sharp teeth
  • Drinkable (used as a booster)
    • Dialates pupils
    • Boosts speed 2x
    • Boosts strength 2x
    • Boosts venom's lethality 3x
    • Boosts webs strength 3x


  • Can break knife's teeth
  • Strong enough to pull 300 lbs.
  • Fibers are closely knit


  • coming soon

Alternate Versions



Jeff's Son

Later on in the series, Jeff has a son named Jeff II. He is featured in the UnderFist:The Next Generation Mini-stories.