Soh Odagled

Soh Odagled

Soh was born on March 17, 1960. He was born and raised in Grubsmood, Ainavlysnnep. When Soh was 22, he got hurt in a serious accident. While robbing a bank, the lock on the vault door fell off, knocking Soh over. He then realized that he had no feeling in the bottom part of his leg. Later, the police came & arrested him. Inside the police cruiser, one of the officers sprayed pepper spray at Soh. This made him go blind in his left right eye. He was taken to the hospital, where doctors amputated Soh's hand & leg segment. Soh then went to prison, where he stayed for 21 years. After his prison releasement, Soh met some new people in Grubsmood, & decided to create UpperFist.

Through the series

Soh Odagled starts off at the age of 43. Soh Odagled appears in certain UnderFist mini-stories. However, he appears in every Upperfist mini-story. As the story progresses, he ages. Soh turns from 43 to 56, 56 to 69, and 69 to 90.


His power is his mechanical hand and chainsaw leg. The hand can turn into : a chainsaw on a bowgun, a laser beam shooter, a light saber, a grenade launcher, a giant laser cannon, a helicopter blade, an ecto-plasma shooter, a net launcher, a tricked-out machine gun, a blaster with three barrels, & a spiked-ball on a rod (the spiked ball can be taken off, and used as a bomb).


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