UnderFist!!! Attack of The Spider Queen is the second of the UnderFist mini-stories. So far, there are only two.



Prologue:UnderFist were frozen. They were thawed out 230 years later. they met, & defeated the Overlord. They got blasted into a portal, & were sent back 230 years. They landed a month after the Spider Queen took over the earth. It's UnderFist's job to kick the Spider Queen out of power.

Page 1:As soon as UnderFist landed, some Spider Guards came after them. they were 6 feet tall, with fangs & tazers. Each guard also had a pair of hand-cuffs. So, Hos turned his hand into a triple-fire blaster, & killed one of the guards. Then, the guards put UnderFist in handcuffs, & put them to work.

Page 2:Each member was sent to do something different. Hos had to pick at rock. Jeff had to work on the Robo-Queen. Irwin had to make the triangular window bigger. Scarr had to put a new security system in the entrance. Fred had to move boulders.


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