This is the first spin-off mini-story created by UnderFist. So far, there are only one.



Prologue: It's the year 2038. The original UnderFist have children, who are all 12. They have started their own UnderFist. their first mission is to stop the Monkey King from taking over the world. They have landed on Monkey Island, & are ready to end the king's terror. Page 1: When UnderFist landed, they ran up some trees to try & get a better view of the island. There, they saw a mountain, about 20 miles away. So, they decided to go find out what is on the mountain. Page 2: When UnderFist arrived, they saw that no one was there. So, they decided to look for the Monkey King. After an hour of searching, they found him. The Monkey King then called his army. Page 3: The monkey army came & arrested UnderFist. Then, the Monkey King ordered that UnderFist should be drained of their powers, & put into prison. Some of the monkies stayed & cleared the area. Page 4: The other monkies put UnderFist into the machine & drained them of their powers. UnderFist then was thrown into five different cells. While in there, they could overhear the Monkey King's plans. Page 5: The next day, UnderFist was thrown into the court-yard. There, the monkies chained their ankels to the walls, & left. UnderFist explored the area, & decided that they would stay for a while.