The UnderFist lair is very handy. It has the most sophisticated security system avalible. The lair holds UnderFist's vehicles, weapons, suits, and bedrooms. The lair itself can move out of the ground, and around the city. The lair also includes a medical room, where they can heel a teammate, or run scientific tests. There is a living room, with 5 chairs, and a 150x120 flat-screen t.v. Where their vehicles go, there is a hatch. When opened, there is a ladder to go deeper underground. There, UnderFist can get in a car, that takes them to the right, about 300ft. This leads to where their rocket ship is located. On the wall, there are five UnderFist symbols. They are to be put over the other ones, in which then they release a suit, to cover them. This includes a helmet. These UnderFist symbols, are what is used by UnderFist, for space travel.

Moving Lair

The lair, as I said before, can move around. This is when the lair goes into security mode. the moving lair is a giant box with treds. It is 50' x 25'. It is loaded with a giant missile, 2 missile launchers, 2 needle launchers, & a giant laserbeam shooter. The back has 3 engines, which blow fire.This allows the lair to go up to 1,300mph. Also, the inside of the lair can lock up all the rooms. Then, the lair can turn into a robot. This is the second robot to be seen in the series. It is very safe. When it does turn into a robot, it shrinks from 200' to 50'. The robot has a lot of abilities.