UpperFist Robot

UpperFist Robot

The UpperFist robot is really six vehicles in one. The right arm is Niwri's, the left arm is Ffej's, the left leg is Derf's, the right leg is Rracs', and the head is Soh's. The main body is actually a giant tank that all of UpperFist use.


The UpperFist Robot has many abilities:

  • Rockets(come out of shoulders)
  • Giant Missile(comes out of right leg)
  • Laser Rifles(come out of upper arms)
  • Rocket Skates(come out of bottom and back of feet)
  • Multi-Laser(comes out of chest)
  • Gatling Gun(comes out of left leg;holds 3 rounds of ammo;fires armor-piercing bullets)
  • Fling Shot(comes out of shoulders)
  • Rocket Pack(comes out of back)
  • Jets(lower arms are shot off)
  • Getaway Cars(feet seperate from main body;each can hold 3 people)
  • Self Destruction Mechanism(behind Multi-Laser)
  • 2 Gatling Guns(out of upper arms when lower arms are shot off;fires lasers)
  • Needles(come out of finger tips)